Our minds are always hungry for new ideas and insights that can assist our learning about feeding and oral-motor problems in children. This section of @new-vis.com offers many choices for increasing your knowledge and understanding.

Information Papers contributes a series of articles by Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. that address the multiple issues experienced by infants and children with feeding and oral-motor problems. Information covers
  • Sensorimotor: the influence of physical and sensory issues on the child's feeding and oral motor skills.
  • Feeding: the development, assessment, and treatment of feeding and oral-motor problems.
  • Learning: the role played by learning and communication environments and practical strategies for increasing the effectiveness of therapy.
Links We Like provides a series of annotated links to other web sites. Each link is described so you have an idea of the content and why we like the site before you travel there. Resource categories include Future Directions for Feed Your Mind include practical tips for feeding, and interactive problem-solving for specific children.

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information papers links we like