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iVillage – Pregnancy and Parenting
iVillage operates under the belief that parents are the best resource for other parents. They offer articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby, adolescence, parenting twins, step-parenting, single parenting, fathering, children's health and education, family activities, and more. In addition they support opportunities for parenting dialog and maintain a list of catalogs, stores, and services related to parenting, This site is updated daily.

To Love Is To Be Happy With
Barry Neil Kaufman gives us this complete on-line version of his bestselling book, To Love Is To Be Happy With. This wonderful book shows us how to listen to our inner wisdom and guidance in making decisions about choices and directions in our lives. It teaches us how to choose happiness in all areas of life. We love Kaufman's insights into children and parenting.

Parenting: Babies & Toddlers
Parenting Special Needs: The Mining Co.
These two sections of About's gigantic web site focus on parenting young children and children with special needs. Relevant articles by parents and professionals are featured. We always find interesting information to enhance parenting insights and skills.

MUMS: National Parent-to-Parent Network
MUMS is a national Parent-to-Parent organization for parents or care providers of a child with any disability, disorder, chromosomal abnormality or health condition. Its main purpose is to provide support to parents in the form of a networking system that matches them with other parents whose children have the same or similar condition. Through a database of over 8000 families covering over 1600 disorders, very rare syndromes or conditions can be matched. Parents can then exchange valuable medical information, as well as, the names of doctors, clinics and medical resources or research programs. MUMS also connects parents with support groups dealing with their child's specific disability or assists them in forming a group.

Family Village
Family Village is an extensive resource for parents, organized into a global community. As you browse through this site you can visit the Library with its card catalog of disabilities and general information, or the Coffee Shop with bulletin boards for chatting with others. Information and links to other sites on the Internet are organized with this community motif. Additional areas include the Hospital, Shopping Mall, Post Office, Hose of Worship, School, Sports and Recreation, Community Center, Bookstore, and University.

Our Kids
The Our Kids web site was developed and is maintained by parents of children with special needs. Extensive information of interest to both parents and professionals is available here. Our Kids supports an active subscription mailing list with a one-month archive of all of the messages accessed at the web site. For professionals it is an incredible place to grow in understanding of parent questions and concerns. It is also a great information resource as parents share their own experiences and research, articles, and resources they have found helpful. Our Kids is the warmest community of parents supporting parents we have found.

Developmental Delay Registry
Developmental Delay Registry publicizes research into determining identifiable factors that would put a child at risk for developmentally handicapping conditions. They support conferences, workshops, and a quarterly newsletter designed to inform parents and professionals on alternative approaches for working with the whole child. Their web site is a rich collection of links to information throughout the Web. This is one of the best sites we've found for exploring the full range of alternative approaches to assessment and treatment for children with special needs.

Sibling Support Project
This site is full of ideas and links that support the interests and development of brothers and sisters of people with special health or developmental needs. Don't miss their position paper, "Why We Think Brothers and Sisters are Too Important to Ignore".

Family Education Network: Special Needs
Family Education Network is a comprehensive educational resource for parents. The site specializes in helping parents of children with disabilities become more informed, better advocates, and locate other families with the same issues and concerns.

For Parents of Preemies:
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Here is the guide book that addresses all of your questions about your premature baby. Questions about feeding and nutrition in the hospital and after discharge are well-covered.

Parents Helping Parents (PHP)
Search PHP's National Resource Directory to locate therapy and educational services in your area. PHP also sponsors workshops and community services in California.

Special Child Magazine
Special Child Magazine is an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs. Articles written by parents and professionals focus on a sharing of experiences with children's success stories, positive experiences with physicians, horror stories, and family issues.

Exceptional Parent Magazine
This online version of the popular magazine includes selected features and articles from the print version. An information exchange is provided between parents about children or young adults with disabilities.

Naz's Special-Needs Tips
Parents are the best resource for finding solutions to common challenges of raising children. This site provides an ongoing list of tips by parents and caregivers of children with special needs for inexpensive alternatives to daily living aids and ideas. Categories cover topics such as clothing and accessories, communication, daily living and live skills, fun and games, guiding behavior, home therapy, latex allergy, pantry remedies and solutions, school, sensory issues, and tube feeding.

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