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La Leche League International: Breastfeeding Information
La Leche League is the foremost organization for information and support on breast feeding. Their site contains articles, frequently asked questions on breast feeding, and information on local support groups.

How to Breastfeed
Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears RN whose sensitive and informative books on parenting are widely used by parents and professionals authored this detailed article on breastfeeding. The paper provides a complete compendium of information to teach prospective mothers the skills they will need to nurse their new infants. Included are photographs and diagrams showing how the breasts produce milk, and a step-by-step description of positioning the baby and encouraging the infant to latch-on to the breast.

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food
This commercial site provides a wealth of information on feeding of solids. Articles are directed at parents and their questions and needs. The Baby and Toddler Nutrition section is particularly helpful since it archives all questions that have been asked and answered by a dietitian and provides a series of informational articles related to infant and toddler feeding. A search feature lets you find what you are looking for.

Ellyn Satter Associates
Ellyn Satter has always reflected the underlying themes of New Visions’ mealtimes programs in her writing. In this collection of short papers she states:
"Feeding a child is
about the connection between parent and child
about trusting or controlling
about accepting or rejecting."

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