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Dysphagia Resource Center
There's lots of good information at this web site if you are interested in swallowing and its disorders. Links are provided to sites featuring the anatomy and physiology of swallowing, adult case, conferences, organizations and resources. The Dysphagia Resource Center has an active professional mailing list.

Dysphagia Archive
The Dysphagia Archive is a subsection of the Dysphagia Resource Center. This is a current archive of all correspondence on the Dysphagia mailing list from November 1995 through May 2004. The messages can be sorted by date, thread, or author.

Applying Food Science to Dysphagia: I. Overview of Texture
Textural properties of food can be measured instrumentally and defined in ways that are standardized and reproducible. The National Dysphagia Diet Task Force is in the process of defining levels of diet in these terms in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the interaction between swallowing disorders and specific properties of food. This preliminary paper defines and discusses the textural properties of food and the basic forces involved with eating.

Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati) Patient Education Program
This extensive site provides clearly illustrated explanations and home care instructions for caregivers of children who require various medical procedures. The following sections provide practical information on tube feeding for both parents and professionals:

Gastrostomy Tube Home Care
Nasogastric Feeding Tube Insertion
Nasal Gastric Bolus Feeding
Tube Feeding with Gravity Feeding Set
Gastrostomy Feeding by Syringe
Nasojejunal Tube Feeding with Kangaroo
Continuous Gastric,Jejunal,Nasojejunal, or Nasogastric Tube Feeding, with Feeding Pump and Farrell Valve
Continuous Drip Nasogastric Tube Feeding with Pump
Nasogastric Bolus Feeding
Bard Button Replacement Gastrostomy Device

Feeding Issues: Cleft Links, a Wide Smiles Resource
The Wide Smiles site provides an extensive set of short articles on all aspects of feeding an infant with a cleft lip or palate.

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