Telephone consultations with Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. are available to professionals and parents who have taken the workshop "Becoming a Mealtime Partner" or have completed a prior Video Consultation. Follow-Up Phone Consultations can be scheduled as needed by the parent or professional. Because of Suzanne Morris' schedule, consultations may not be available every month.

Telephone consultations are scheduled ahead of time for a 60-minute period. Billing will include actual telephone time, preparation time and a follow-up e-mail.


Video consultations with Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. are available to professionals and parents who desire a more in-depth understanding of their child's feeding challenges. The Video Consultation is a prerequisite for a Phone Consultation. An initial e-mail or brief telephone call is provided at no charge to define the focus of the consultation and specific questions that the parent or professional wishes to address. The child's family sends Suzanne Morris detailed information about the child's current feeding and mealtime abilities and challenges. This includes a 30-minute video, two detailed questionnaires and a list of specific concerns and questions. Suzanne Evans Morris spends approximately 2 hours reviewing this material and developing a series of suggestions that will support the specific needs of the child and family. A one-hour Telephone Consultation is scheduled with Suzanne Evans Morris to discuss her observations and recommendations. Billing includea time spent reviewing the videotape and written materials, creating a list of recommendations and a 1-hour Telephone Consultation.


The clinical evaluation of a child's feeding and mealtime skills from Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D. is primarily available to parents who have taken the workshop "Becoming a Mealtime Partner". A telephone consultation and/or videotaped consultation is recommended prior to scheduling the feeding evaluation.


Initial Informational 30-minute Phone Call: Free – No charge

Phone Consultation (1 hour): $150

Video Consultation (3 hours): $400

Feeding Evaluation: $180 per hour

Feeding Therapy: $150 per hour

Fees are applicable through 2018.

To inquire about an appointment, please call
Suzanne Evans Morris
from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. at
(434) 361-2285